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  • Manali and Manjiri's Konkan trip We went to Harihareshwar first and then to Magzan to Bharati Maushi's house. Then from there we went to Kurdhe. There we had lot of fun. We ate many mangoes and jackfruits. We had fun while taking showers under the pipes where cows are washed.
    Posted May 31, 2010 9:05 AM by Dhananjay Parchure
  • Sajalele Shabda Sajalele Shabda ... Marathi concert of all the new songs written by Jyotsna Parchure and composed by Mr. Bal Chawre.. The program was a big hit and was attended by around 300 + audiance for around 3+ hours. More to follow.
    Posted Feb 27, 2010 9:51 AM by Dhananjay Parchure
  • Welcome to our family site No posts yet.. Tip: How to delete this post.
    Posted Feb 26, 2010 4:38 AM by Dhananjay Parchure
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